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[News] Businesses, Schools And Worship Places To Prepare For Reopening (Read More)



The Presidential Coronavirus Response Task Force has asked companies, offices, professional associations, places of worship and educational institutions to wait for the reopening to take advantage of the additional two weeks to implement new strategies as part of a COVID-19 era, according to the guidelines plan and say goodbye to the new life ahead of us.

The head of PTF COVID-19 and Secretary of the Federation of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, at the daily meeting on Tuesday also asked Nigerians to prepare for a “behavior change”, which he considers “a must for every citizen” designated because COVID-19 changed the world completely ”

Mustapha, who assured that PTF COVID-19 is committed and determined to continue to take the lead necessary for this national response, added that intensive consultations with various parts of society, including state governments and security agencies, will deepen in the coming days religious and community leaders to ensure the coordinated implementation of the measures.He reaffirmed that security agencies had specific guidelines in place to enforce the measures strictly, and warned Nigerians to fully comply with the restrictions.


He also assured key workers such as frontline medical staff, the media, environmental health workers, farmers and agro-service providers, oil and gas services, aviation and the energy sector that they are adequately protected.


“You are obliged to always have a valid ID with you.

“I am pleased to inform you that our risk communication strategy has been improved by the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN).

“The professional organization offered the PTF the services of its members free of charge in order to communicate strategically and effectively with more Nigerians about the pandemic.

Mustapha said the PTF would use the existing community structures and assets down to community level to implement a massive public awareness campaign aimed at ensuring community volunteering and ownership of the struggle in line with its community engagement strategy .

He reminded all Nigerians that the devastating power of the virus does not discriminate based on status, creed, political belief, profession, or your background.

“Now is the time to avoid distractions from all sides, and all hands have to stay on deck. For our part, we assure Nigerians of our commitment to accountability, care and honesty. ”


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