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BREAKING: See What Was Discovered From Kaduna- Abuja Road Kidnappers



See What Was Discovered From Kaduna- Abuja Road Kidnappers Members of the security operatives have been trying their possible best towards halting the incessant kidnappings that keep going on along the Abuja- kaduna expressway. The police have arrested them, But their Fulani Hausa brothers will release them later. Where is Wadume today and that Army Captain.

This is a very commendable effort. I pray to God to continue to give the security agencies the strength and courage to sustain the effort and permanently uproot these rogues from the society.

one big question is how did they get this weapons, who brought in the weapons. If these questions can be answered then we can start from there. Good work to the gallant Men, we pray that should cntnue give you all the protection that you need in your fight against the bandits or enemies of the state.


Good work to our security men, we know that they can do better than what they were doing before, let eliminate them completly, don’ t spare them out of ten kill eight because if you spare them they will still find way back to the same crime

They have powerful men, some in the government as sponsors. I hope they will not be released after. Hope they will be able to reveal their sponsors. They are likely going to release them.


But why catch them alive? To feed them In prison and release them in the name of rehabilitation success? they should have neutralised them. The bustards have taken so many lives and they should pay with their own lives.


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